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Gin is a spirit with a neutral base that’s flavored with other ingredients. To be called “gin,” the main ingredient must be juniper.

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Romeo’s gin Spritz

For the first time, gin meets the spritz

A blood orange and rhubarb gin spritz, an unexpected mix. Premium-quality natural ingredients. An award-winning Quebec gin. A homemade refreshing soda with blood orange and rhubarb. romeo’s gin spritz will electrify your happy hour!

Created and bottled in Quebec. Based on romeo’s gin and our own soda, crafted by a Quebec company.

A ton of citrus fruits, a sharp acidity, a refreshing bitterness! romeo’s gin is inspired by the spritz to offer you an original variant of this much-loved classic cocktail. A unique and invigorating taste profile dominated by the freshness of blood orange and the distinctive liveliness of rhubarb.

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