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Gin is a spirit with a neutral base that’s flavored with other ingredients. To be called “gin,” the main ingredient must be juniper.

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Romeo’s Gin X

Romeo's gin and watermelon: a mighty match

More than just another pink gin, romeo’s gin X explores the powerful symbolisms of the “X”, commonly used by Miss Me in her work. It offers a strong contrast between harmony and opposition, which perfectly reflects the collaboration between romeo’s gin and Miss Me.

With this powerful message, we have managed to create a coexistence between an artist with a rebellious and protestant message and a bold pink gin, charming and refreshing.

Watermelon and cucumber share the same aromatic molecules, as they are both from the cucurbit family. This is where the recipe for romeo’s gin X draws its inspiration. The watermelon distillate, added to romeo’s gin and its aromas of juniper, cucumber, lavender, dill, lemon and almond, make romeo’s gin X a fruity gin, perfectly balanced and deliciously refreshing.

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