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Recognized all over the world for its great wines, France is a major player in the wine industry. France’s wine country is divided into 17 regions, each with many distinct terroirs and grape varieties, resulting in a wide range of delicious wines.

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Château Bellevue La Forêt

Owner of the Château Bellevue La Forêt vineyard since 2008, Philippe Grant realized his dream of owning a vineyard in France by acquiring the estate founded in 1974 by Patrick Germain. The location is particularly renowned for Négrette, an exclusive grape variety that produces delicious, fruity wines.

A unique grape variety 

The vines of Château Bellevue La Forêt are cultivated in very favourable soil in the town of Fronton. The wines produced there are award-winning on an international scale and sold throughout the world.

Today, the 112-hectare vineyard is the largest single privately owned wine estate in all of southwestern France. Philippe Grant is proud to "carry on the tradition of producing high quality wines, which are recognized by the most discriminating tasters and oenophiles." 

57 hectares of land are devoted to Négrette, a grape variety specific to the Fronton appellation. Not found elsewhere, the grape is close to the Pinot family and is appreciated for its suppleness/softness and extraordinarily fruity flavour.

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