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We are proud to broaden our offering with a selection of spirits that represents some of the most beautiful terroirs in the world.


Brandy is a spirit made from fermented fruit juice. The most well-known brandies come from grapes (Cognac, Armagnac, Pisco) or apples (Calvados).


Gin is a spirit with a neutral base that’s flavored with other ingredients. To be called “gin,” the main ingredient must be juniper.


Pisco is a wine brandy made in South America, Chile or Peru. There are many types of Pisco with a variety of flavours and notes.


Rum is a spirit made from cane sugar – or, more specifically, molasses. There is white rum, amber rum and brown rum.


Tequila is a brandy made in Mexico from agave. There are many types of tequila, distinguishable by the aging process used to make them.


Vodka can be made anywhere in the world, from grain, grapes or even potatoes. Generally neutral, but there are vodkas that have more character, and their main ingredient can usually be detected by smell and taste.


Whiskys are spirits that are full of character. Made from grains like barley, corn and rye, they’re aged in oak barrels.

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