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For Producers

Doing business with us means gaining access to the largest imported wine and spirits sales force in Canada with a single point of contact for all Canadian provinces.

Our Services

National strategy, local execution

After conducting both in-depth market and consumer expectation analyses, we work with you to develop a national business plan tailored to your needs and adapted for each and every Canadian province.

Consumer marketing

Experienced in a variety of disciplines including advertising, digital marketing, mass distribution and luxury products, our marketing team can provide you with an integrated marketing strategy tailored to your brand image.

What’s more, you can take advantage of complete marketing management services—like advertising, promotions, social media, online sales, events and more – all under one roof.

Business intelligence

Thanks to our databases, we can analyze market trends and develop strategic plans accordingly. It’s valuable information that allows us to make informed forecasts.

We also have sales forecasting software that enables us to provide accurate forecasts of your shipments and promotional expenses as well as projected revenues.

As part of our collaboration with you, we’ll happily share all of this information upon request.

Restaurant industry focus

Right from the start, Mr. Dandurand placed a great deal of importance on restaurateurs. That’s why today, we have a team that’s dedicated exclusively to Canada’s restaurant industry, and we recommend a targeted approach – one that promotes matching the product with the brand and the restaurant.

Our product diversity enables us to work with major players in Canada’s restaurant industry, from national chains through to gourmet eateries.


Our customer relationship management (CRM) system enables us to collect and analyze data to optimize our restaurant industry operations. We can then share performance indicators such as distribution with you and track your wine from bottle to glass, etc.

Retail sales

Our team throughout Canada is comprised of a variety of marketing experts, like merchandisers and representatives. It operates in all independent specialty stores, monopolies and large retailers, and ensures that your action plan (the one developed through strategic planning) is rigorously implemented.

Subsidy program management

Attached to our finance department, an analyst dedicated entirely to grant programs is available to assist suppliers with government aid at all levels. From application to monthly follow-up (with analysis and eligible expense reports) to the collection and transfer of supporting documents as well as annual submissions.

Direct access to consumers

With GALLEON, our online boutique, our partners get privileged access to the biggest wine collectors and aficionados in Canada.

Logistics and inventory management

In the provinces where law permits, we manage inventory in collaboration with internationally renowned logistics partners.

With our teams’ ability to centralize inventory management, you can benefit from more efficient logistics.

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