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Dandurand is proud to be associated with renowned wine producers—ones who share our family values, our passion for wine, and our drive to succeed.

Argentine’s wine country stretches more than 2,000 kilometers along the Cordillera in the Andes mountains. In Mendoza’s Cradle of Malbec, the wines are distinguished by their marked personalities, making them a big hit with New World wine lovers.

Across the immense expanse of Australia, wine production is concentrated in the southern part of the country, along the coasts. With very diverse geography and climates, Australia’s many wines have different characters, and reflect the unique terroirs in which their grapes were grown.

Chile is the benchmark of Latin American winemaking. It’s comprised of six winemaking regions each with iconic grape varieties, the Carmenere being the country’s leading type of grape.

Recognized all over the world for its great wines, France is a major player in the wine industry. France’s wine country is divided into 17 regions, each with many distinct terroirs and grape varieties, resulting in a wide range of delicious wines.

Greece has an illustrious winemaking tradition dating back to antiquity. This proud heritage continues today. From mountainous sites, to coastal zones, to volcanic areas, Greece boasts a huge diversity of outstanding vineyard terroir. Both native grapes and international varieties thrive here, offering a wide range of exciting, unique wine styles.

As a top international wine producer, Italy has taken its place among the world’s best. The country’s finest reds come from the Piedmont region, where the Nebbiolo wine grape grows all over.

New Zealand

In the middle of the South Pacific Ocean lies New Zealand, a country with a cool but humid climate – making it the perfect place for its iconic wine grape, the sauvignon blanc, to reach its full potential.

Okanagan Valley

Portugal’s geography is a study in contrasts, with both a coastal region subject to Atlantic influence and a more arid, mountainous backcountry. The result is a multitude of grape varieties, and a diverse wine offering.

South Africa

South Africa is known worldwide for its wide open spaces, its national parks and its nature reserves. Thanks to its geographical location, its climate is diverse and complex, making it ideal for the production of high-quality wines.


Spain boasts a wide range of indigenous grape varieties. The most well-known among them is Tempranillo, a black grape that produces a whole host of flavours. Thanks to a mix of climates, the country’s terroirs are distinct, resulting in a vast array of wines.

United States

Home to 90% of U.S. wine production, California was the first region in the New World to be internationally recognized for its wine quality. Washington State and Oregon are also ideal grape-growing states, producing more and more sought-after wines.

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