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Spain boasts a wide range of indigenous grape varieties. The most well-known among them is Tempranillo, a black grape that produces a whole host of flavours. Thanks to a mix of climates, the country’s terroirs are distinct, resulting in a vast array of wines.


Jean Leon

When Jean Leon saw his dream of an eponymous winery come true in 1963, he might not have realized that his way of understanding life and wine would be so groundbreaking. His vision provides the foundation for the winery’s high quality standards, which emphasize the expressivity of their wines and forego large-scale production in favor of carefully crafted limited editions.

A Man. A Time. A Wine.

Jean Leon was an extraordinary individual with a rare instinct for staying ahead of his time. During the 1960s, he began traveling the world to find a place that would allow him to produce a signature wine with a unique personality and identity. Once he had decided on Penedès, he began replacing local varieties with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay from prestigious French wineries. This was unprecedented, and it stunned local winegrowers, as well as producing the first Spanish wine to feature Cabernet Sauvignon as the primary variety.

Later, in 1994, diagnosed with cancer, Jean Leon decided to entrust the Torres family with his legacy to ensure the continuity of his winery and maintain the unique personality and identity of the wines that bear his name. In 2008, the estate switched their vineyards to organic farming and since the 2012 vintage, all of their wines have been labeled certified organic.

In 2013, Jean Leon wines were granted the Vi de Finca or Single Vineyard Wine designation by the Catalan Government. This certification acknowledges the unique character of single vineyard wines, the result of combining a specific variety, a certain type of soil and a microclimate that favors great expressivity.

That same year, and coinciding with the winery’s 50th anniversary, Jean Leon restyled its image. The designs capture the elegance, spirit and style of an era and recall specific chapters in the life of this tireless dreamer. Jean Leon wines owe their current prestige to this careful selection process as well as to their quality and character.

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