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As a top international wine producer, Italy has taken its place among the world’s best. The country’s finest reds come from the Piedmont region, where the Nebbiolo wine grape grows all over.

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Podere Castorani

Podere Castorani spreads across 75 acres of lush countryside in the province of Pescara, Italy, between Majella National Park and the Adriatic Sea.

More than 200 years of history

To understand how Castorani first got its start, we must go back to the beginning, in 1793. At that time, renowned ocular surgeon Raffaele Castorani became proprietor of the estate. At the end of the First World War, Antonio Casulli took over the estate with a vision of expanding production and boosting Castorani’s reputation. Upon his death, the vineyard was divided, and its decline began. 

Many years would pass before the estate would undergo a revival. In 1999, pilot Jarno Trull decided to fully commit himself to coaxing the iconic Castorani estate back to life, with the help of his friends. They worked painstakingly together, and in harmony with nature, the thirty-year-old vines grew organically. 

The estate’s principal grape varieties are Montepulciano d'Abruzzo in red and Trebbiano d'Abruzzo in white. The partners regularly test new grape varieties in a perpetual search for the fullest expression of the terroir. At Podere Castorani, their pursuit of excellence can only be satisfied through respect for traditional expertise.

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