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South Africa

South Africa is known worldwide for its wide open spaces, its national parks and its nature reserves. Thanks to its geographical location, its climate is diverse and complex, making it ideal for the production of high-quality wines.

South Africa


Dandurand is proud to foster the Canadian notoriety of the brands of KWV, South Africa’s leading producer of wines and spirits.

A pioneer of quality

It all started in 1918 for KWV, then a small agricultural cooperative with a goal of improving the quality and reputation of South African wines. 

Today, the company is considered one of South Africa’s leading producers of wine and spirits, promoting the South African terroir throughout the world with its exceptional portfolio of brands. 

The company's grapes hail from the country's most reputable wine-growing regions, allowing the production of superior quality wines that have garnered numerous awards.

KWV, it's also

  • Cathedral Cellar
  • Rooderberg
  • The Mentors
  • Vinecrafter

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