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Spain boasts a wide range of indigenous grape varieties. The most well-known among them is Tempranillo, a black grape that produces a whole host of flavours. Thanks to a mix of climates, the country’s terroirs are distinct, resulting in a vast array of wines.


Araex Grands

Founded in 1993 by Javier R. De Galarreta, ARAEX Grands brings together 13 independent wineries from the most famous Spanish wine regions. Each House creates wines with their own identity and expertise targeting the “Excellence Made in Spain.”

The Vision of a Man

The innovative model built by Javier R. De Galarreta, where the wineries are shareholders of ARAEX Grands has since the beginning aimed to produce the Grands wines from Spain. The intensive control of the vineyards through our dedicated family-owned wineries is the best guarantee of traceability, distinction and exclusivity of each bottle.

Anchored in modernity ARAEX Grands strives to ensure the development of each Bodega. Thanks to a long-term vision ARAEX is today the largest Group of independent wineries and the best ambassador of the “Luxury World” of Spanish wines.

Araex Grands, it's also

  • Luis Cañas
  • Rolland Galarreta
  • Pago de Cirsus
  • Gran Sello

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