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Across the immense expanse of Australia, wine production is concentrated in the southern part of the country, along the coasts. With very diverse geography and climates, Australia’s many wines have different characters, and reflect the unique terroirs in which their grapes were grown.


M. Chapoutier

In 1997, Michel Chapoutier set out to discover Australia.

M. Chapoutier: A pioneering spirit

In 1997, Michel Chapoutier followed his pioneering spirit and, fuelled by a dream of cultivating Rhone grape varieties in Australia, set out to discover the terroirs of the oldest continent. Thus began a long process of discovery and observation, and a genuine affection for this faraway land. 

Through the expression of his grape varieties, he encountered other passionate men like himself. M.Chapoutier purchased two other vineyards (Shays Flat and Landsborough) in the Australian Pyrenees and established the Tournon Estate, in which he enjoys 100% ownership. 

The estate is located in the southeast of the Australian continent, in the state of Victoria. This region boasts the distinctive feature of extremely varied climates, from warm regions to dry autumns and cooler regions like the Australian Pyrenees.

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