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Recognized all over the world for its great wines, France is a major player in the wine industry. France’s wine country is divided into 17 regions, each with many distinct terroirs and grape varieties, resulting in a wide range of delicious wines.

France | Loire Valley

Loire Propriétés

Loire Propriétés produces and sells wines from the most prestigious appellations of the Loire Valley. Established in 1872, the company quickly gained a reputation for high quality which it has maintained to this day. Appreciated for their innovative spirit and capacity to meet consumers’ needs, Loire Propriétés is a leading player in Loire Valley wine.

Strength in unity

Loire Propriétés is a collective of cooperative wineries that have joined forces in order to share expertise and promote Loire Valley wines in France, as well as 57 export countries.

The wines of Loire Propriétés are carefully crafted by expert oenologists using traditional vinification techniques such as hand harvesting, wild yeast fermentation, and oak barrel ageing.

The Elysis range sits at the pinnacle of the group’s fine wine offerings. This highly successful premium brand highlights the growers’ finest vineyard parcels. It is sought after in France and around the globe. Cuisse de Bergère is also a popular range of rosé, red, and white wine, with almost 1 million bottles sold in France. Loire Propriétés is equally well-known for their Les Anges Val de Loire wine; the first brand of its kind sold outside of France.

Loire Propriétés is committed to protecting their excellent terroir and enhancing the quality of their products. With this objective in mind, the group is affiliated to two environmentally friendly certifications: Agriconfiance and Vignerons en développement durable.

Over the past 30 years, Loire Propriétés and its partners have contributed to the management of over 5000 hectares of vines, creating robust employment opportunities that help strengthen the local economy. At the heart of the group’s endeavours is the desire to pass down a thriving Loire viticultural and cultural heritage to future generations.

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